The requisite “Introduction…”

Hi! My name is Summer and this is a REALLY good drawing of me. Really. More pics will come to prove it. I wanted to start with this one because, frankly, I am already feeling vulnerable knowing that this very post, will be public – for anyone to see – although I am keenly aware that few, if any, will.

That’s what this blog is all about – vulnerability and taking risks.

This blog will document the coming of age story of a (late) 30 something woman finding her way through the post-divorce, pre liberation stage of life. I will make some epic fails and I will celebrate them because those fails will mean that I have tried. That’s a lie. I’ll probably cry and mope and question everything I’m doing with every minor (or major) setback. That’s why I need to blog this journey. This blog represents accountability. A documented starting point. A statement to the universe and all others (voyeurs and allies alike) that I am taking a leap. Making a move. Going for it!

Now all I have to do is identify what “it” is. I know what “it” is not. It’s not my current job and lifestyle. A life where my endless to-do lists overlap between work and personal and no matter how many items I cross off each day, there is more still undone. And more often than not it’s those items on the personal side that are payed the least attention- leaving my cupboards bare, laundry in piles, permissions slips unsigned and two kids looking to me saying “mom did you….?” And me looking back with a guilty expression that says “no, I didn’t. But I will!!” Sigh.

I MUST make some changes. Lack of destination or not, I cannot not go somewhere. I cannot continue to maintain the status quo to the detriment of my inner happiness and soul fulfillment, as responsible as it may be. I have no idea what’s to come but I invite you to share in this journey with me through this blog. Enjoy the pics, supplemental readings and all the ups and downs. I promise to be uncensored. No filters on the stories or the pictures. I will tell the tales of my tears as much as my triumphs as they will all be my truths. Maybe you will relate. Maybe you will sympathize. Maybe you’re just a voyeur- takes one to know one. Whatever your reason, welcome to my personal revolution.